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‘A Very Magnanimous Answer’

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The Brazen Heads talk about legacy, compliments, and philosophy

by Ariana Kateri

After typing David Foster Wallace into iTunes, I found what I thought was an old interview with him on a podcast called  The Brazen Heads. The interviewer began, “We have spent our whole lives in preparation for this moment.” This seemed appropriate considering the excitement for a show getting that interview. I heard what my confirmation bias led me to believe was Wallace, respond jovially:

“Ironically, I was literally standing here scratching my butt hole when you said that.”

“You’re scratching your butt- ? Okay, stop the podcast, go wash your hand.”

Sounding genuinely insulted, Wallace responds, “What?! Dude, no, I was doing it through my jeans. I’m fine.”

“Ohhh okay, well I guess then you’re going to wash your underwear, right?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, I guess someday.”

This was the most good-humored, life affirming interview I’d ever heard David Foster Wallace participate in. How did this interviewer just get a notoriously depressed and eventually suicidal David Foster Wallace to open the show by gleefully talking about his butt hole? And how could Wallace have possibly committed suicide after having had this kind of conversation in his life? At that final line I suspected this was far too much of a bro conversation to be Wallace and I restarted the podcast to hear the real hosts introduce themselves: Mark Derian and Derek Bronish.

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