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Elevator Encounters: The Good Candy

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By Margo Pierce

With my apartment door propped open, I would hear the chime of the elevator when it arrived on my floor. The dictionary I used was a 1,000-plus pager so it was heavy enough to act as a doorstop. I locked the cat in the bathroom so she wouldn’t get out, and I and went toward the living room to get the rocking chair. I had to decide if I were going to stay inside or if I should drag it into the hallway. I wanted a comfortable place to sit and read while waiting during the in-between time. I didn’t want to miss a single moment, and it was a good thing I opened the door first because there was a BING before I could lay a hand on the chair.

I stopped in the kitchen for the silver bowl I’d finished filling moments earlier. I smiled when I heard the muffled giggles and laughter burst into the hallway. The shrieks and shouts were quieted by an adult voice. I couldn’t make out what he said over the din but whoever it was managed to drop the noise level a notch or two. I heard the cat whining and pawing at the door.

There was an excitement in the air, an energy that was familiar even though the “usual” atmosphere was missing. There wasn’t a thunderstorm looming, threatening lightning and slashing rain. The electricity was still on so no candles were lit to create eerie, dancing shadows.  It was just another October night.  But what fun!

Every cell of my body was alive and remembered the same night from when I was a kid and my mom or dad “shushed” my friends and me. Not being a kid didn’t matter; in some ways it was better. I relived all the fun and fright. The edges of the original fears and the unknowns had worn off over time but the impressions reverberated in my brain.

A chorus of high-pitched voices screeched, “Trick or treat, trick or treat, give us something good to eat!”

As I rounded the corner, a miniature princess, Batman, ninja, farmer and Harry Potter came into view.

“Wow! You guys look cool!”

All the little people turned to look at each other and then back at me with confused expressions on their faces.

“I’m pretty,” said the princess, pointing to herself “and they’re handsome,” poking a stubby finger at the others.

“I’m s’posed to be scary!” growled the bat.

“Yeah,” squeaked the ninja. “Me too!”

“Oh!” I jumped back a step.  “I didn’t see you two!  Please don’t hurt me.”

The bat growled again, “We won’t as long as you give us candy.” He looked back at the man behind the group. He just rolled his eyes and smiled. A relieved Batman held out his bucket.

I grabbed a handful of M&M packets and dropped one in the orange, plastic pumpkin.

“Ooohhh,” cooed the Princess.  “She’s got the big ones!”

Another eye roll from dad, this time at me. The best part about being an adult is giving out the “good candy.”

I plunked the candy into each bucket and bag, and the troop turned en masse and walked down the hall.  I heard the man say, “What did you forget?”


Just then the elevator binged again.


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