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Facebook, Faith and Homeless Camps

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Church volunteers filled water bottles left by three men living above. Photo by Margo Pierce.

Religious group details its work

By Gregory Flannery

Helping people who live in homeless camps is a morally controversial act. Does taking food to a homeless camp help people break the law? Does it enable them to avoid dealing with addiction and other mental-health issues? Or is it simply human kindness toward people in dire straits?

Members of John 15:12 Ministries visit homeless camps, taking food, firewood and fellowship with them. Following are postings from the organization’s Facebook page.

* Middle of the night brainstorm: I think Wallace won’t leave the river because he’s afraid of losing all his “stuff.” Anyone have a place to store his stuff?

* Drove around trying to find a camp for the guys on the river to relocate, but couldn’t find one. In the midst of all this, someone stole all of Wallace’s food. So I had to leave them there without food and without shelter. Lots of prayers, please.

* Wallace has a load of skids and is rebuilding his shack on the river. It looks like condo city down there now!

*Wallace rebuilding his shack makes me feel better.

* I’ve seen various “ask” posts, so I thought I’d try to compile a list here. Add to it if you can think of things, and feel free to post anything you might have an abundance of as well. We’ll get it where it needs to go!

1. Blankets

2. Tents

3. Tarps – plastic type

4. Plastic jugs for water

5. Food (of course)

Coleman fuel (for a cook stove).

Gasoline for a heater.

Kerosene for a heater.

Rides, rides, rides (appointments, etc.)

Unconditional love. :-)

Tennis shoes/boots


Wood for campfire (heating and cooking)

Someone with a chainsaw or wood splitter.

More nonjudgmental love. :-)

Large print Bibles

* This Saturday, at 12:30, we will be cleaning up the camp where Baldy was burned to death. We need shovels, rakes, trash bags, trash bins or buckets, paper masks. Everyone wear heavy duty gloves. We will meet at 8th and Linn behind White Castle at 12:30.

* Wonderful day cleaning up Baldy’s camp. Beautiful people, hard working. We cleared enough burnt debris to fill the Rumpke truck!!

Still an underlying sadness thinking of why we were there in the first place.

* I’d like to continue a Christmas tradition of taking homeless people Christmas caroling in the next week or so. Anyone want to help? Especially need drivers. Singing ability not required.

* So is Sunday afternoon, March 27 too early to plan a fishing outing for the homeless? We’d need volunteers for everything from transportation to food, from bait to grills. Let me know your thoughts.

* We’d like to turn this bus into a mobile church, with a screen and a projector. We could take it down to the homeless camps and have church! Got no money now, so God will have to provide for this. Anyone have any ideas let me know.

* Oh NO!!!!!!! I was checking out at Walgreen’s and saw some AXE deodorant, and bought it for one of the guys at the camp who REALLY needed it! (It was an impulse buy.) Next time I’ve got to read the label first. He called and asked me what this was all about… Apparently it was “Sweet Sensations” for those sensitive man areas… OOPS!!!!! I didn’t even know they made such a product!!