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Judge Quits Job, Makes Large Donation

In Uncategorized on 04/02/2012 at 2:04 pm

Former Judge Mark Painter

Mark Painter has long been something of an oddity: a Republican judge in Hamilton County who insisted on such legal niceties as making prosecutors do their jobs and ensuring defendants’ rights were protected.

Last month he resigned his position as judge with the United Nations. We couldn’t have predicted Painter’s next move. ­Now that he is unemployed, he has made a substantial donation to Article 25. His contribution is, in fact, the largest the non-profit newspaper has received to date.

We’re grateful to Painter, who also contributed to Article 25 last year, not long after we began publishing. Our donors and subscribers enable us to produce the paper that our distributors rely on to make a small income.

In characteristic fashion, Painter resigned from the United Nations Appeals Tribunal on a matter of principle.

“Sadly, the court began as part of a UN reform initiative, which has now been subverted,” he said. “I can no longer be a part of this farce.”

Watch for a full report on Painter’s resignation in the May 1 edition of Article 25.

– Gregory Flannery



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