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Free Parking Space Liberated

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Little things make a good neighbor – or not. The Rev. Fred Cook was outside First Lutheran Church the morning of May 17 when he saw a man setting up two sets of pylons on the street. Curious, Cook asked their purpose. The man said he worked for the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. (3CDC) and had been instructed to reserve two parking spaces on Race Street, in front of the church. Noting that 3CDC’s office is less than two blocks away and that 3CDC recently opened a 450-car parking garage less than one block away (after disinterring human graves) and that on-street parking is supposed to be first-come, first-served, Cook was annoyed. He went to 3CDC’s office – on foot – to make his displeasure known. The person who took the photograph above helpfully removed the pylons from the street, making the parking spots once more available to all comers. (Commentary and photo by Gregory Flannery.)



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