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Shooting Themselves in the Penis

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Women protest outside the Indian High Commission after five men were accused of raping and murdering an Indian student. REUTERS/Paul Hackett.

What if India treated all women and men as valuable?

By Robert Park

How it Happened: Centuries of rural exploitation taught peasants in many lands that little boys were far more valuable than little girls as investments in old-age security.

They used to just throw the girl babies in the river or the woods; now they use sidewalk ultrasound vendors and abort little girls as soon as detectable. In India the result of this semi-genocide is that 20 percent of men will never have an intimate partner for life, a wife. There aren’t enough women to go around. On top of traditional sexist culture and Bollywood capitalist fantasia, this deprivation has got to being playing a role in the pathological, misogynist resentment driving sexual assault in India, the, out-source, call-center paradise where 10,000 farmers commit suicide each year due to the crushing economics of global corporate agriculture. Is there a more clear example of private greed producing a collective disaster? Of discrimination that comes around and bites in the ass?


What if:

a)                  The forces of political enlightenment had addressed gender discrimination (and caste-based class oppression) in addition to sending the Brits packing?

b)                  Sustainable farming were revived and promoted instead of the corporate decimation, making rural life livable and attractive for men and women, and all their wanted children, with old-age protected by social security?

c)                  The state taxed the rich at a level to fund social and physical infrastructure leading to economic development that employs the whole population?

This would achieve the following:

  • Help end female genocide.
  • Instead of begging for a tourism boycott, India could support a vibrant and exemplary culture.
  • Provide another reason why Islamist deviants should be ignored by the Muslim working class.

Can we learn from this?