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We Don’t Have to Do This

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There is a better way

By Gregory Flannery


This newspaper has Facebook friends who have been saying, “Fuck Israel.”

I responded, “Long Live Israel. Long live Palestine.”

This prompted howls and name-calling: “Moron,” “Second-fiddle street paper.”

Both assessments are probably true, but neither advances the argument about what is going on between Israel and Hamas, namely killing.

Firing rockets at civilians in Israel and blowing up civilians in Gaza are equally reprehensible. Do the people of Gaza have legitimate grievances? Certainly. Do the people of Israel have legitimate grievances? Certainly.

Killing is wrong. And there is a better way, a more effective way.

The Palestinian people can reach their goals through the use of a different kind of force – nonviolent resistance. If the Palestinians accepted the right of the Jewish people to a homeland – just as the Palestinians want a homeland – and renounced violence; if the Palestinian people en masse joined in nonviolent resistance and honest negotiation, this ugly decades-long conflict could end.

The Jewish faith is first and foremost characterized by concern about moral behavior. A sustained, disciplined campaign of non-violent resistance by the oppressed Palestinian people would yield what rockets never will.

Is that being simplistic? Remember Nelson Mandela, remember Mahatma Gandhi, remember Martin Luther King Jr., remember the fall of the dictatorships in the U.S.S.R., Poland, East Germany.

The conflict in Israel/Palestine is rife with outrages on each side, with legitimate grievances on each side. But so long as violence is used by either side, only more outrages and grievances will follow. There is a better way, a more effective way.